Item & Thing search only works once

I have the latest OH 3.3M5 and since version 3 - on the Items page, I’m only able to search for items once or twice, and after that the search fails (this is with edge). Is this any kind of known issue or is there a fix?

I have noticed this myself and I am using 3.3.0.M3

Could you provide the exact steps to reproduce this?

I don’t seem to have this issue on 3.3M5 using Brave, but it would be good to compare to an exact workflow.

the next time this does this I will try to attempt to record the steps to reproduce this behavior. I just tried in a rule editor, picking an item to create a trigger from and selecting items from the items interface in settings. I can’t remember when it does it but it is annoying.

This is on a linux (mint) desktop in firefox browser.

The reason I’ve never really worried about it is to me, it seems more a browser or framework (as in the framework the new UI is built from, not the UI itself) problem. In otherwords, not an openHAB thing but a browser thing or whatever.
I noticed other glitchy things as well.
I’ve noticed that quite often, when I open the rules interface, click on a rule and the editor comes up, the page will not scroll unless I reload the page once, then there is a scroll bar and the page scrolls. Selecting groups seems odd as well, often I’m unable to find the group I want. But again, all these behaviors are really just annoyances.

Check if any ad or script blockers are active.

I cannot search for items if my KaBlock abblocker is active on Safari.