Item values missing in sitemap

I have a weird issue I don’t understand with a new sitemap I created.
I’m already using several sitemaps and never ran into this issue before.
Using openhab 3.4.1 with most of the items configured in files. But for the setup of items for the connectedcar binding I used the UI to autocreate the items on the channels which I would not expect to make the difference but it certainly is almost the only one I can find.

My sitemap is very simple and looks like:

sitemap audi label="Audi Q5"
    Frame label="Steuerung" {
            Default item=AudiQ5_control_LockVehicle label="Abgeschlossen"
            Default item=AudiQ5_control_PreHeater label="Standheizung"
            Default item=AudiQ5_control_UpdateVehicleStatus label="Status abrufen"
        Frame label="Status" {
           Default item=AudiQ5_general_LastUpdate label="Letztes Update"
           Default item=AudiQ5_range_RemainingFuel label="Füllstand"
           Default item=AudiQ5_range_TotalRange label="Reichweite"
           Default item=AudiQ5_maintenance_DistanceAdBlue label="AdBlue Reichweite"
           Default item=AudiQ5_maintenance_DistanceInspection label="Inspektion"
           Default item=AudiQ5_maintenance_DistanceOilChange label="Ölwechsel"
           Default item=AudiQ5_status_Odometer label="Kilometerstand"

The result in the app and the basicui is that the controls are displayed as switches but all status items are just not shown:

The items really should have data. I’m using the VS Code extension and even see current values when hovering over the item names in the sitemap.

Maybe I’m missing something obvious but I don’t get it.

Any hints?

Shouldn’t it be

label="Letztes Update [%s]"

And so on
Or [%.1f] for numbers


Thanks for the pointer.
That helps indeed but a bit to a surprise to me that it’s mandatory because I have other sitemaps where I don’t have it and they still work.


Text item=dg_yannick_temp label="Temperatur" icon="temperature"
Text item=eg_wz_tisch2_power label="Wohnzimmer Lampe 2" icon="energy"

and so on.

Why is it different? Those are “Text” but I tried this before.

It’s up to the Binding to define a default pattern to display a value. If set through the binding, the Item will inherit the pattern, if no default is set, there is no default pattern and therefor no displayed value.

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Thanks a lot for the explanation!