Item with multiple channels, mirror value, update vs. command


I have an item for the current Weather Temperature with two channels connected. I use text configs, the item looks like this:

Number:Temperature Weather_CurrentTemperature
  "Current Temperature [%.1f %unit%]"

The purpose of this is to receive the current weather temperature via openweathermap and “mirror” the value to my knx bus. That worked fine in OpenHABv2 with the old weather binding. In OpenHabv3 with the new openweathermap bindings sadly it doesn’t.

I think the reason is that Openhab only mirrors conmmands received via one channel to the other, but not state updates and it seems openweatherbinding uses update instead of sendCommand internally.
If I test this manually via the REST API and send a command to Weather_CurrentTemperature, it gets send to the KNX Bus just fine. But if I only update the state of the item via Rest, nothing is send to the KNX Bus.

I could write rules to mirror the values with dummy items or something like that … but I would prefer to not do this (especially since I need this for more than one item).

Is there another way to make openhab (a) send state updates to all channels or (b) to make the openweatherbinding use command instead of update to update the values of the items?
Or does somebody has another idea how to solve this?

Ok solved it myself with the help of a comment from rossko57 in another thread :wink:

To complete the backward-working effect, -control channels pass Item state updates to the KNX bus.

Changing the thing to a control type solved it:

        Type number-control: Weather_Temperature "Außen Temperatur (Weather)" [ ga="9.001:10/0/0" ]

Thanks @rossko57 :wink: