Items and event log in openhab cloud, failed to connect to IFTTT

Hi everyone, suddendly in the “items” and in the event log of the openhab cloud there aren’t any update.
I can control everything from the basic ui from remote, but I can’t add anything in IFTTT, because the items doesn’t appear (yes, I tried to switch the items after adding them in the openhab cloud configurator in the paper UI).

I tried to update openhab, to uninstall and install again the openhab cloud connector, i also tried a new clean install of openhabian in a new raspberry!
Nothing change in the cloud : items list: empty, event log only with the nofitication about online or offline service.

I hope that someone can help me!

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Cloud IFTT was shut down due to excessive loading on the server.
I expect @digitaldan will come up with a more permanent solution for the load issues.