Items and things at harmoney binding

When I integrate the Harmoney Hub within the PaperUI (OpenHab2), the individual devices (e.g., TV, radio, receiver) are recognized as “things”. If I select “Simple Mode” under Configuration / Systen / ItemLinking the individual devices are registrated in the Control-Tab. There you can (with “Select”) also call the individual device-specific commands (for example, “fast forward”, “play”, “pause”).How can I generate this drop-down list with the device-specific commands (eg,ffwd,fbwd,play,pause) in the HABPanel?
“Add widget” / “Selection” does not really work for me.

The way over a template like

{{item.label}} is a mystical book for me. Please help a beginner

I found a first solution myself. For all who have similar problems.

Step 1: In the OpenHAB console press “smarthome: things list”. You get a list with your things in OpenHAB. Remember the desired device you are looking for. (For me it was: harmonyhub_device_Wohnzimmer_47303404_buttonPress)
2. In the HABPanel “Add Widget” -> “Selection”. Press “Edit” -> Select the openHAB item found above
3. In “Choices source” select “Server provided item option”

Did somebody have a second solution for a custom widget ???

<ng-repeat=“item in itemsInGroup(‘harmonyhub_device_Wohnzimmer_47303404_buttonPress’)”>

does not work