Items arrangement

I have around 200 items in the item list. Is it possible somehow arrange items into folders according to use ?
Like a folder named “Weather” and inside this folder I can find all items related to Weather witdget ?
Or what is your solution to arrange items to be organized ?

Thank you for your experience.

There is no concept of folders for managed Items. Your options are:

  1. Use the semantic model. Note that no semantically tagged Item can be a member of more than one semantically tagged Group, but it can be a member and any number of non-semantically tagged Groups. Also note that a semantically tagged Group can have non-semantically tagged members which will appear when “show non-semantic” is checked. Below is a screen shot of my back door Equipment which has two Items that are semantically tagged and two that are not.


  1. Create Groups to organize the Items outside the semantic model, when the “show non-semantic” is checked your Items will also appear hierarchically based on Group membership. In the screenshot below of my Model page, everything from “All Lights” and below are non-semantically tagged Groups which can be opened to see the members of those Groups.


  1. Use tags and/or consistent naming and search

  1. Use search or the Item selection dialog in the developer sidebar and pin the Items that you are working on at any given time. Notice that you can navigate between Items and if the Items are actuators, you can send commands to these Items from the sidebar. Also, you can pin Things, Rules, and any other OH entity to the sidebar at the same time, navigate to them and disable/enable and run all from the sidebar.

Beyond these approaches your only option is to use .items files where you can put stuff that goes together into the same file. However, I find the flexibility of the developer sidebar and search to be such that to me, it’s superior to simple grouping of Items together statically. The developer sidebar is particularly powerful for this. So I recommend 3 or 4 for most of your needs.