Items for RGBW-Controller (LED-Stripe)

Hello Guys

At the moment, I build up a new installation with some RGBW-Stripes, controlled by Fibaros RGBW-Controllers.
I read a lot of different items, I need for configuration.

Is it correct, that I need a Dimmer and a Colorpicker?

Dimmer			UG_Gang_DIM_Licht			"Beleuchtung"				<light>			(gUG_Gang, gDimmers, gLights)
Color			UG_Gang_RGB_Licht			"Lichtfarbe"				<colorlight>	(gUG_Gang, gRGB, gLicht)

Or do I need a Dimmer for every color?


OH1 or 2 ?
OH2 zwave binding knows the COLOR command, you could get away with just this.
OH1 requires you to send single commands per R/G/B, so you need three more dimmers and a rule to convert the colorpicker output.

Hello Markus

Sorry, of corse I use OH2, zwave and the latest fibaro RGBW Controllers…

It’s me again…
I’m struggle a little Bit with The rgbw.
Can someone provide The items and rules needed?
Thank you

Hi Michael,

this are my settings. The rgbw-controller is working fine, except the colorpicker.
Maybe, like Markus suggested, I should create a rule to convert the colorpicker output. But at the moment I don’t know how.

But anyway, here are my settings:

In PaperUI the items look like this:

I’ve done my items-definition by this *.items file:

// Gruppen-Definitionen 
Group gN03FibaroRGBWControllerWohnen 		(gZwaveGeraete) 		

//	Item-Definitionen
Dimmer	N03FibaroRGBWControllerWohnen_Dimmer				"Sofa Backlight Dimmer"		(gN03FibaroRGBWControllerWohnen, gAktivLichterAlle, gAktiveLichterWohnen)	{channel="zwave:device:4eb75bc3:node3:switch_dimmer"}
Number	N03FibaroRGBWControllerWohnen_SensorPower			"RGBW Verbrauch kWh [%s]"	(gN03FibaroRGBWControllerWohnen)											{channel="zwave:device:4eb75bc3:node3:sensor_power"}
Number	N03FibaroRGBWControllerWohnen_ElectricMeterWatts	"RGBW Watt [%s]"			(gN03FibaroRGBWControllerWohnen)											{channel="zwave:device:4eb75bc3:node3:meter_watts"}
Number	N03FibaroRGBWControllerWohnen_ElectricMeterKWh		"RGBW kWh [%s]"				(gN03FibaroRGBWControllerWohnen)											{channel="zwave:device:4eb75bc3:node3:meter_kwh"}
Color	N03FibaroRGBWControllerWohnen_Color					"RGBW Farbe [%s]"			(gN03FibaroRGBWControllerWohnen)											{channel="zwave:device:4eb75bc3:node3:color_color"}
Number	N03FibaroRGBWControllerWohnen_StartAnimation		"RGBW Scene [%s]"			(gN03FibaroRGBWControllerWohnen)											{channel="zwave:device:4eb75bc3:node3:scene_number_param72"}
Dimmer	N03FibaroRGBWControllerWohnen_Red					"RGBW Red"					(gN03FibaroRGBWControllerWohnen)											{channel="zwave:device:4eb75bc3:node3:switch_dimmer2"}
Dimmer	N03FibaroRGBWControllerWohnen_Green					"RGBW Green [%d]"			(gN03FibaroRGBWControllerWohnen)											{channel="zwave:device:4eb75bc3:node3:switch_dimmer3"}
Dimmer	N03FibaroRGBWControllerWohnen_Blue					"RGBW Blue [%d]"			(gN03FibaroRGBWControllerWohnen)											{channel="zwave:device:4eb75bc3:node3:switch_dimmer4"}
Dimmer	N03FibaroRGBWControllerWohnen_White					"RGBW White [%d]"			(gN03FibaroRGBWControllerWohnen)											{channel="zwave:device:4eb75bc3:node3:switch_dimmer5"}


				Text item=N03FibaroRGBWControllerWohnen_Dimmer label="Wohnen Sofa-Backlight [%.0f %%]" icon="hue" {
					Switch item=N03FibaroRGBWControllerWohnen_Dimmer label="Licht Aus / An [%.0f %%]" icon="hue"				
					Switch item=N03FibaroRGBWControllerWohnen_Dimmer label="Dimmer" icon="hue"	mappings=[5="5%", 50="50%", 100="100%"]				
					Colorpicker item=N03FibaroRGBWControllerWohnen_Color 	label="RGB Farbwähler  [%.0f %%]"	//icon="hue"	
					Slider item=N03FibaroRGBWControllerWohnen_White 	label="WarmWeiss[%.0f %%]"		//icon="hue" 
					Slider item=N03FibaroRGBWControllerWohnen_Red 		label="Rot [%.0f %%]"		icon="hue" valuecolor=["red"]
					Slider item=N03FibaroRGBWControllerWohnen_Green 	label="Grün [%.0f %%]"		icon="hue" valuecolor=["green"]
					Slider item=N03FibaroRGBWControllerWohnen_Blue 		label="Blau [%.0f %%]"	icon="hue" valuecolor=["blue"]

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Hello Anfaenger

Thanks for your izems and sitemap.
Do you have special rules to convert / send The values? If so, May I ask you to provide them too?


Why don’t you use the forum search function first?
Searching for ‘colorpicker’ reveals e.g.
which also shows an implementation of the rule I mentioned.

Thanks I will take a look.

Evryone seems to have to same problem with the color item not working.
Did anyone succeed in using this ?

Yes - it is working fine for me. I am however using the new development binding, but I don’t think there’s been changes to the color class from the master OH2 branch.

Hello Chris

May you Can provide sample items, sitemaps and rules to clearify The questions?

Sorry - I don’t really have any. I just included the device, clicked on the link item button and started using it. I did make a sitemap but it just says Colorpicker item="".

One other point is I’m possibly using a reasonably new version of the RGBW so maybe there’s problems with older versions. Alternatively, it might be worth trying the new binding, but that’s not for the faint hearted as it’s a bit of a change.

So we can conclude for now that my old device is not usable with the new color class then and therefore not usable in paperui.
i am realy curious to see how the new versions of the binding will support this, the RGBW controller has always been an issue to get working correctly , i assumed that the color class would solve that as it is the item replacing all the rules.
I think we must be patient untill chris has finished the new binding so we can test it.
thank you for clarifying this chris , then i can stop my search for now untill the new one is out.
if you need an xml or any info on older devices , count me in :wink: i have allot of them .

Regards Wolf

As I think I said previously (maybe the other thread) the new binding has the same color command class as the current OH2 binding, so don’t expect it to change. Maybe the new code works better in general with this device (maybe!) but I don’t think the command class is different.

I’m not sure what you mean by this? The binding, and command classes etc aren’t linked to rules in any way.

I’ll take a look at the log if you want to send one (debug of course :wink: ). Best is to raise a ticket on my website so I don’t loose it, and you can attach log files there easily.

Hallo Michael,

sorry, I just realized that I didn’t answer your last question.

Because I have one favorite colour-setting, I don’t change colours and that’s why I don’t convert or send values.
I only use this simple rule to turn on the led-strips:

rule "Szene_01_Sofa-Licht_An"	
	when	//
	    Item N05AeotecMultiSensor6Wohnen_BinarySensor changed from OFF to ON	//wenn im Wohnzimmer Bewegung erkannt wird, dann prüfe ...
		logInfo("Demo","Wohnen_LichtAutomatik.rules Szene_01_Sofa-Licht_An: N05Bewegung getriggert. N03ErlaubeAutoEin="+N03FibaroRGBWControllerWohnen_ErlaubeAutoEin.state.toString+" N03LichtIstAn="+N03FibaroRGBWControllerWohnen_Dimmer.state.toString+" N05Helligkeit="+N05AeotecMultiSensor6Wohnen_SensorLuminance.state.toString)

 		if 	(N03FibaroRGBWControllerWohnen_ErlaubeAutoEin.state == ON	//wenn EinschaltAutomatik an 
	 		&& N03FibaroRGBWControllerWohnen_Dimmer.state != ON			//und wenn Licht nicht bereits an (sonst würden aktuelle Einstellungen verändert)
	 		&& N05AeotecMultiSensor6Wohnen_SensorLuminance.state < 4	//und wenn Helligkeit unter Grenzwert
 		) {
    		sendCommand(N03FibaroRGBWControllerWohnen_Dimmer, ON)			//dann Sofa-Licht mit den zuletzt verwendeten Einstellungen einschalten

Hi, I’m resuming this old thread since I just bought a fibaro RGBW module and I’m facing some issues with the HSB color channel.
In details:

  1. When I change che strip color from the Colorpicker the brightness value is reduced to a lower level. So any time I change the color I need to re-increase the brightness value.
  2. it seems that the color channel has no control on the white channel. Is this the expected behavior or the color channel should control all the 4 RGBW channels?

Please let me know if I should change some option in opnehab2 configuration on the advanced fibaro RGBW parameters. Especially to resolve issue 1 that is very annoying.

Thank you for you help.

Please use debug level output of zwave to see if it’s the same values being sent to the device to result in different brightnesses (might be a bug in binding or device, then).

Yes that’s to be expected. The W channel needs to be separately controlled by a dimmer item.

Hi Markus, thank you for the hint.
I have been able to generate the zwave debug log but not sure about what I have to look for.
The log of a single command is around 500 lines, could I share it with you, or could you point me the section I have to investigate?
Thank you

after some time looking to the log it seem to me that the stateChangeEvent is properly performed:

[vent.ItemStateChangedEvent] - Luce_Striscia_Colore changed from 0,93,100 to 231,97,100

but even if the value initially is 100 and is changed to 100 the strip reduce its brightness.
if I run as second command whit a brightness change:
[ome.event.ItemCommandEvent] - Item ‘Luce_Striscia’ received command 100

the strip generates additional light keeping the color.