Items from Android App not visible in basicui


I installed the Android App on my Phone (Android 7.1.1), and synchronized the given items like shown here.

In Visual Studio Code I can see the values:

But in the Basic UI I can’t see any value:

If I add another item to this Group, it’s shown in the basicui.

There’s nothing noteworthy in the log.

My openHAB version: openHAB 2.5.9 Release Build

Is this problem already known?

Is it just because you don’t have a state presentation in your label? Try adding an [%s] (for string) to the end of the label.

Oh that’s a bit embarrassing…
I have not yet understood when you need it and when you don’t. Sometimes it works without the state presentation

It’s not very clear to me either. Something to do with some bindings being more “helpful” than others in offering options via channel to Items, which then changes the Item behaviour away from being like a default [%s] existed.
I think because this is not a clearly defined default, the UIs are not consistent either.

Safest to assume that you get what you ask for, so if you don’t give a [state presentation] then you might not get one.
The opposite also applies - sometimes you get a display you didn’t ask for and may need to suppress it with [ ] !!

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