Items not being accessible remotely (tested via IFTTT)


I’ve just pointed a new OH instance to my OH account. I’ve swapped the keys and deleted items and events in the OH control panel.

The new instance appears online and I can successfully connect to it via the remote service.

However, when I load up IFTTT integration, it cannot see any items.

I’ve tried using both the Paper UI, as well as manual config file to expose the item I want to control, no joy.

Any tips what I may be doing wrong?

On a related note - what is exactly the syntax for the openhabcloud.cfg? I cannot seem to be able to parse correctly?

I am running openHAB Cloud Connector v2.5.1

You can no longer export items to myopenhab for IFTTT integration. People were exporting all their items and crashing the cloud servers.

You can host your own cloud server using the same code if you need this integration.

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Ah, so the only reason why my previous install was still running is because the items were “grandfathered”?

What I’ve done is to move decommission my OH that was linked to zwave install and replaced another one, the items in the zwave install and IFTTT were working until today.

Try again. I remember seeing a thread about emergency cloud server maintenance.

Those with items already defined kept working when they turned off being able to add items.

I think I am out of luck - I’ve changed item names between installs & purged OH Cloud as I was seeing the old items in IFTTT, which I understand removed the all items from my account and I cannot add new ones anymore.

Thank you for the clarification, time to move on I suppose to a proper GA integration, had a good run with IFTTT :slight_smile:

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Same here. Migrated to OH3.1 finally took the time to create new item names…removed to previous 2 ifttt items and was not able to add the new 2 items. Guess I missed the fact they blocked it apparently…maybe they can reopen it and limit it to 3 items since the free ifttt also only allows 3 applets.

I doubt it will be added back. There is always the option of hosting your own cloud server with the same code.