Items not updated in Homekit

Hi all,

i have an OH3.4.4 installation with Homekit Integration installed.

I managed to add metadata to Items so that they instantly show up in Homekit on my iPad.
The problem now is, that the state is not updated. I have e.g. implemented an Motion Sensor SONOFF SNZB-03. This one works fine within openhab and reports motion, but in Homekit it always shows “false”. I did also create an Test Item as switch, with Metadata for Apple Homekit “Switchable”. If I toggle the switch in openhab, no update in homekit. If i toggle in Homekit on ipad, no update in openhab.
Does anyone have a hint for me?

Any ideas from anyone?

I want to use that method to unlock the iPad via “guided access” when movement is detected. Does anyone has that setup in place?


Still wondering if no one out there is using this setup?

I have created a test switch which is working great and beeing updated within milliseconds between OH and Homekit.
Problem still is with my motion sensor - working in OH but not beeing updated in Homekit.

Would appreciate any ideas and support.
Thx in advance