Items not visible in HABPanel

Hey everyone,

I am using Openhabian and the version is 2.4.0.

i installed the hue binding an the homematic binding and controlled hue lights
with a motion sensor of homematic. worked pretty fine with a simple rule.

one day it suddenly stopped working.

i usually use habpanel to show states while i am writing my rules to see if
the steps work. if i try this now it doesnt show my items if i try to make a
“dummy”, although it already worked a week ago and i didnt change anything ???

in paperUI all items show “online”.

anyone has any idea why this happened ?



Not without more information.

Normally only things are shown “Online” in PaperUI.

Either you’ve lost links between your channels and items or you switched from “Non Simple Mode” to “Simple Mode” or the other way around.

in PaperUI --> Configuration --> System --> Item Linking (below shown: = Non Simple Mode)


Please check if channels are linked to items.