Items show online although they are offline

Using openhab2 with my Max! Heating system i noticed that two items things, which are broken and need to be replaced, are offline but keep showing online in PaperUI. Any tipps where to start?

Items are always online. Perhaps associated channel and things would tell a bit more?

my bad, i meant Things…

Okay, the things online/offline doesn’t always mean what you think. Sometimes it means that the pathway to a device is available, rather than telling you about the actual device.

Maybe you could tell us just a little about these things.

well, what do you need to know? One of those things is a wall mounted Thermostat with several channels (battery, mode, actual and set temp) which shows online but is switched off definatly. The other is a shutter contact…

As I understand Max!, which is only a little, there is a gateway, a cube? and the openHAB binding gets all its info from there. (hence the ‘pathway online’ effect perhaps)
What does the cube have to say about these devices?

yes, theres the Max!Cube. Didnt think of him, i will try to unpower him as see if that works as well as check the status of the items there. Thanks.