Items vs. Things or cli vs. PaperUI

Hey there,

just a perhap silly question. I have configured my items via command line / text “.items” file.

In PaperUi i have the homematic binding installed. PaperUi discovers lots of things - all my devices that i have already described in the .items file.

Does it matter if I use both? I mean that i define my .items file and use the things in paper ui.

Greetings Dominic

Things and Items are not equal.
Every Thing has one or more channels, and this channels could be linked to items.
So you have to use both.


hmmm. ok. do i understand it right, that for usual paperui discover the things and when i add a thing paperui links it to a channel?

Kept this in mind: Does it matter if a thing (and a chanel) and an item definition for the same device are used / defined?

While discovering of a thing, the binding tells OH how many channels the Thing has. You can then link one or more items to each channel. So you could link a channel to an item in paperui, and also another item to the same channel via .items-files.