Itho Daalderop Ventilation WiFi addon


Widget (including rules and thing) for the Itho Daalderop Ventilation WiFi addon. It shows fan speed, humidity and (optionally) CO2 levels. It also responds to the remote of the fan. Furthermore it can be used to control it, by using the buttons (four match the remote, one is for a custom level). The rule automatically sets a day and night setting and switches to a high setting when humidity or CO2 becomes high (f.i. while showering or cooking). It’s intended/ designed for a phone page or a tile on a gridlayout dashboard.

The widget requires a some things to work that can’t be installed automatically. Detailed instructions (and manual) can be found in my github project. In short:


example1 example2

example3 example4

example5 example6


Version 1.21

  • fixed: if you use the rule, fix for openHab 4.0/4.01

Version 1.2

  • added : (optional) CO2 sensor/icon to widget
  • added : (optional) VOC sensor/icon to widget
  • added : (optional) home/presence item to widget
  • added : day is split in morning, afternoon and evening
  • added : (optional) smoothing of CO2/VOC adjustments
  • fixed: button remained lit when pressed just at the moment the rule ran
  • fixed: detection of manual input by remote/widget/add-on GUI
  • fixed: layout on mobile screens
  • fixed: openHAB Marketplace bug (replaced all default props with formula)

Version 1.1

  • added : humidity sensor/icon to widget
  • added : show remaining time of timers
  • added : modified automation rule to respond to humidity

Version 1.0

  • fixed: layout
  • fixed: delay in button highlighting
  • added: automation rule

Version 0.1

  • initial release of widget


Hi to all, discovered in OH3.4 the default property is not supported by the marketplace. This prevented an install. Fixed by replacing it with formulas providing the same functionality. Also added a small manual for installation (the widget also requires 2 rules).

If you changed to openHAB 4.0/4.01 and use the rule you should update it. A change was made in OH 4.x in the event triggering a rule. In OH3.x it was only filled when an item triggered the rule. Now also for CRON timers and manual starts. Modified the “why do I run detection” to work as intended again.