It's not always the SD: SD Card troubles, keep for testing or directly to the bin?

A few days ago, I installed a new openHABian instance on a PiZeroW, just two Sensors.
I used a used 16 GB SD Card not a No-Name Card. This card wasn’t also in use for long. The SD Card was also just 13% full.

This was the sensor result:


After a reboot it worked for some time, and then system just stopped fetching sensor data.
I could login without problems and the system was completely usable, it just stopped receiving data.

I think this is the usual SD Card worn out problem, writes do not work anymore, but no errors.

The question is, could i use the SD Card again, with a different image, for sure only for a testing device?
Or is it most likely to hit the problem all the time? Even with testing i don’t want spend much extra time because of a 10 € SD Card.

I am using SD Cards & Pis for a few years, mostly Kodi, and this is the first problem like this. And i guess i will hit this problem more often from now on. :frowning:

So i am looking for a strategy with the help from people who have more experience with this:

  • Keep Card, for testing a new image it is ok
  • Directly to the bin, not worth it

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Thanks for your input,


Even for testing you’ll be pulling your hair when it fails on you again. Just my 2ct’s

My initial thoughts were wrong.

It wasn’t the SD card. The second, brand new 16 GB card showed the same after some days.

It was just the bluetooth sensor service stopping after any communication problem. I noticed it today by purposely removing a single sensor. As soon as the communication broke once, the service stopped completely.