Jasco Appliance Module 45653 ZW4102 not initializing

Hello to anyone who can help. I have a Jasco Appliance Module ZW4102 that doesn’t seem to be able to be initialized in Openhab2. I see that Chris Jackson’s binding has a zwave device entry for the ZW4101. They look like the same device. Does the ZW4102 need to be added in to the binding for this to work? I can provide information on it if needed.


I guess your device has different device IDs so is slightly different than the database and therefore not identified. What does the UI show? Does t give a bunch of numbers relating to the device ID?

Is the 4101 exactly the same as the 4102? Maybe we need a separate database entry if not…

Whoops forgot to directly reply to your post. Provided you some more info in my post below. Appears to be different devices on second look.

Habmin shows
Type/ID: 5250:3031
Manufacturer 63 Jasco

On the device:
Model ZW4102

This has energy monitoring vs the ZW4101. Let me know if I can assist you further in getting this added.
Thanks for the help Chris!

Take a look here for information on adding devices. Basically, register on the site, email me to get access, then upload the XML that OH generates for the device into the database and it should create most of the information.

If there’s config parameters, which I guess there probably are given the 4101 has them, you’ll need to add these and associations manually. Hopefully the instructions should be ok, but if not, give me a shout and I’ll try and help.


Hi Chris,
I emailed you regarding write access to the device database. I grabbed the node xml that was generated for this device and I’m ready to upload it.
Thanks for the help!

Just want to say that I have the zw4102 working now on snapshot 2.2.0. Thanks for the fast and detailed assistance!

You’re making Openhab a pleasure to use, and we all appreciate your efforts!

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