Jasco ZW4006 configuration not available (anymore)

Platform information:
Hardware: X86
OS: Ubuntu 20.04
Java Runtime Environment: Zulu17
openHAB version: 4.1.0.M2
Issue of the topic: Zwave device started failing
Please post configurations (if applicable):

I have two of these motion activated switches, and they have worked flawlessly for years. After a recent server reboot, both of the thing configuration pages went blank, but still functioned properly. For lack of a better way to describe it, here is a shot:

Experimenting with one of them, I excluded the device, factory reset the device, then included. It is found, but no config is available:

UID: zwave:device:0fb0aea755:node134
label: Master Bath Closet Motion Switch
thingTypeUID: zwave:device
  switchall_mode: 255
  group_1: []
  group_3: []
  node_id: 134
  group_2: []
bridgeUID: zwave:serial_zstick:0fb0aea755

Not sure if it has anything to do with it, but at the zwave database i noticed this:


So it’s looks to have been modified, but review hasn’t been requested. Maybe someone else has had a similar problem and has made a change. Didn’t find anything on the forum about pending changes, so maybe it is just an old change.

In that state it is dropped from the binding. I was able to trace it (being modified) back to Sept 24. I would go ahead and request review. Whoever modified it has to be done. Also based on the timing, you could grab the Sept 15 build and “update” the binding. I think that would still work with M2 (or wait until a new one)

Understood. Thanks.

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