Java 32bit vs 64bit different?

Hey guys, I got a pine64 running dietpi os, so far openhab looks working with 64bit jvm
I was being told that in order to use zwave product, we must need a 32bit java version, but what else? If I don’t have any zwave device, can I stay in 64bit OS and java 64bit as well? Does the 64bit java will cause problem of products like Sonoff or Broadlink?
or should I stay in 32bit OS like raspbian and other armhf sbc? please advise! thanks

The only problem I’m aware of is the serial interface.
But if I remember it right, 64bit java gives no benefit on pine64.
You can use a 64bit OS and a 32bit java (you only need the 32bit libs)

thanks man, however I am pretty noob, I still can’t find a solution of installing a 32bit java into a 64bit OS(arm64), I am using DietPi os and Debian in pine64… could u please kindly show me how to config the 32bit java? Thanks a lot!

Are you aware that there is an openHABian image specifically for the Pine64, which takes care of the whole 32bit issue?

Switch over to openHABian or search for “is_pine64” in this file to get an idea of what to do on your existing system: