Java test-drive

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Dear community members,

As you may know, OH3 is targeting a Java 11 runtime. As a result, to make the future transition as smooth as possible, we have added two new Java 11 providers as available options for openHABian, in addition to the standard Azul Zulu JRE 8.
I’d kindly request that all who are willing to embark on a test-drive of these components and their implementation in openHABian please read on for instruction on how to do so.
While not guaranteed, internal testing has shown that for the most part, Java 11 is also compatible with openHAB 2.5, so you should be able to run your home on the new version of Java without being on an unstable version of openHAB. Be prepared though that this might result in malfunction of your system.

Select your Java in openhabian-config menu 45.

Please report any problems back to the forum. Don’t use Github unless you’re really really sure that your issue is a bug.
Do not respond to this post but open a new thread in the Development category and add the ‘java-test’ and ‘openhabian’ tags. Eventually watch out for others to have already reported your issue and just leave a ‘me too’.

Also, please make sure that your problem is really caused by the new Java provider before posting.
If you are not 100% sure please cross-check by downgrading to your default Java version (Zulu 8, usually). Just don’t change anything else to make sure it’s really the Java change to cause your issue.

You can change the Java provider/version at any time via openhabian-config menu 40, including going back to the standard Zulu 8 (no need to change openHABian branches again).

Note switching branches will not change anything about Java.
Also please note that you should not switch back and forth between branches and use different options, as the behavior is not the same between the two versions of the tool and it will likely break.
In other words, don’t switch branches once you have started testing the Java versions as it will break the tool. You can change the Java provider back to normal if you decide you no longer want to test.

Many thanks go to @ndye for his work - his first contribution to openHABian by the way.

Let’s make the transition to OH3 a success story - thank you for your help !


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Known/found issues so far:

OHv1 bindings may or may not work because of non backwards compatible changes in Java 11

Found in:

  • tr064

Note that OH3 will not (directly) support any v1 binding anyway.
So you should start looking for alternatives NOW.


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