Java.Trojan.GenericGBA.30456 within openhab-addons-3.1.0.kar

Good day all,

I am running openhab 3.1.0 with Window 10 Pro 64-bit on a laptop with Intel Core i7-3537U CPU @ 2.00GHz, 8.0GB RAM, Intel HD Graphics 4000.

During a scan of my openHAB3 folder, Bitdefender TOTAL SECURITY software found the following:


Bitdefender software is proposing to remove it. Is it safe to remove it?

Thank you in advance.


Do You use telegram? Report the issue here

It is probably a false positive as openhab downloads that from the repository and it is not packaged by anyone in our project.

I upped the version of that library a few weeks ago. So if you upgrade to the latest milestone it will be a different version and it may not trip the virus protection.

Was 4.9.0 now version 5.2.0

Good day,

I downloaded the 3.2.0 milestone and the Bitdefender scan came to the same result:

I also downloaded the 3.2.0 snapshot and the Bitdefender scan came to the same result:

I am not currently using telegram. However, I am planning to use it in the future.

Thank you for your help.


I downloaded the file directly from the mvn repo (both 5.2.0 and 5.3.0) and scanned it with this website:
VirusTotal - Home

The result was 8 out of 58 tools giving a positive to what you posted. I suspect it is a false positive but it should be reported at the link in my last post.

Maven Repository: com.github.pengrad » java-telegram-bot-api » 5.2.0 (