Jdbc persistence: DateTime value not logged properly

Most of my items are added to my db via jdbc persistence. Is working very well.
Today I noticed that datetime values are not correctly written to the db.

I have an item

DateTime Xiaomi_Magnet_garage_LastOpened “Last opened garage magnet” (Grp_Xiaomi_db) { channel=“mihome:sensor_magnet:magnet_garage:lastOpened” }

When I look in the db, I see a column with the date when the item has changed and a column with the actual value. But it only logged the date, and not the time. Although, the item itselves has the correct value

last entry in db:

time --------------------------------- value
2017-09-07 08:53:15.098 ----- 2017-09-07 00:00:00.000

item value

2017-09-07 08:53:14.834 [ItemStateChangedEvent ] - Xiaomi_Magnet_garage_LastOpened changed from 2017-09-07T08:51:24.041+0200 to 2017-09-07T08:53:14.807+0200