JDBC Scalability and Table management

So I have more of a scaling question. I several raspberry pis that are connected to sensors and report over mqtt and persisted in a postgressql database. So say just one of these pis has a humidity and temp sensor attached and is configured as a single Item. When sending that data over to postgres it will create 5 tables in the database item0001…item0005. Is there a way to create a table per thing/item rather than have to use a database per item?
Something like:
| Table myPI1 |
| time | humidity | temperature | etc…
Is this possible? Did I miss it in the persistence docs?
Thanks for the help and input!

The persistence binding does create the tables for you
The way it does that is in the binding code
You have two avenues
1- submit a request on github
2- Write your own SQL request to create your table from the existing ones

Thanks for the info Vincent, I’ll take a look around the github. Maybe I can make a working solution for everyone.