Jeelink Binding: Support for Technoline TX25

Hi everybody,

I just installed the Jeelink Binding to my OH2 instance.
However, my TX25 Sensor is not found by the Device Search (via Inbox in PaperUI).
Even if I define the device manually with the according Hex-Code, it is considered as offline and does not retrieve any data.

Is TX25 currently supported by the binding and - if not - wold it be possible to add support?

Thanks in advance.


Tx25 is supported. Do you already have other sensors working? Did you flash the sketch?

Yes, a TX35 ist working like a charm. It was directly discovered and is sending measurements.

Both, Sensor and Jeelink worked fine in FHEM. After migrating them to OH2, something is broken, unfortunatelly.

The TX35 has a different data rate than the TX25. Which init command have you configured? If the interval is too long, the discovery might not get any readings.

My init code is „2m 30t 0a v“

And this worked in FHEM? Shouldn’t it be 3m so it toggles between 17.241 kbps (TX25) und 9.579 kbps (TX35)?

Thanks. Problem resolved. F*!"$§" typo… :wink: