Jeelink binding

Hey guys,

I have a JeeLink (v3c), which I’ve already flashed with the " LaCrosse-Sketch" and I am already able to receive data from my " TX29 DTH-IT" sensors, but I’m still not confident, if everything is configured correctly.
I used a manual, which I found on a german website. One of the steps discribed is the following:

Add the following line to /etc/default/openhab


What does this line do? I am not able to save the file, after I’ve added the line. Is it really necessary?

Another question I have is, is there anything to do, when I want to use another usb device (Z Wave USB dongle in my case)? I am wondering if the line of code could cause some issues, once I’ll use the Z Wave stick.

Many thanks in advance,

What do you mean you are not able to save the file? It’s just a text file, and you should be able to update it.

That line adds extra options to the Java interpeter used by OpenHAB. The specific option you’re adding tells the serial driver to look for a specific list of serial ports, instead of just trying to guess.

Those are plausible and correct ports for a Linux machine.

When you add a Z-Stick, you’ll have to add another entry to that line - just add another colon and the new entry in /dev that the Z-stick gets.