Jeelink lacrosse Humidity problem

I am using the Jeelink binding on Openhab 4 and it works.
The temperature looks fine but the humidity looks strange: “0.6 one”.
This is what comes from the keeling usb-stick: “OK 9 58 1 4 174 62”.

Does anybody have a good idea what wrong?


You’ve not set the unit metadata on the Item. It’s converting the 60 % that’s coming from the binding to 0.6 one which is the default unit for Number:Dimensionless Items.

Thanks rlkoshak.

I set the unit to “%.0f %%”, and now it shows “62.0 %”.

Do you mean you set the State Description pattern? I ask because that pattern won’t work for unitmetadata which is separate from the State Description.

Setting the state description only changes how the Item’s state is down in the UI most (but not all) places. To make the Item’s state actually be set too %, everywhere (logs, rules, charts, etc) you must set the unit metadata on the Item to %.

Hi again.

I have update the unit to “%” only.