Jeelink online but no Lacrosse sensors are found

I am using OpenHAB 3 (OpenHabian) an I try to use Technoline TX29-DHT-IT sensors with a USB Jeelink. I manually added the Jeelink bridge as a thing which seemed to be successful (it shows as online). However, none of the sensors are recognized. I tried disabling/enabling both sensors and Jeelink. However, nothing shows up in the event log of OpenHab either. Manually adding the sensors also failed (as I probably do not know the correct Sensor id)… How can this be done?

You should find the devices in your inbox, if not you can trigger a scan for jeelink compatible devices:
Settings -> Things -> + Icon -> Jeelink Binding -> Scan

I’m using a Jeelink via TCP Connection and my Technoline sensors pop up in the inbox after a scan.

Unfortunately the sensor id doesn’t show up in the inbox. First you have to add the sensors and after that you can see the id of the sensor in the previously added thing.


Thank you very much! I never noticed that “Scan” button. :grinning: