JFrog is back after a long outage

Dear community,

Good news first

after an extremely long and unexpected outage, our JFrog artifactory instance is back online.
Installations and updates should work again now.

Please feel free to check and report errors if they occur again!

You can also check https://status.openhab.org/ at any point to have a short overview of the infrastructures status.

First changes in our structure

First of all thanks for your patience and contructive discussions.
With some help and suggested links we were able to provide the runtime and addon files via GitHub as a workaround.

We decided to move this from a workaround-state to a permanent solution and already changed the Download urls on the download page of our homepage from JFrog to GitHub and will continue uploading the needed files for future releases there too.

We are already discussing additional changes, to continue structural improvements.


Thanks again for your patience and support and enjoy the weekend. :slight_smile:


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