JPA stopped working in 1.8

I have been happily using 1.7 with JPA using PostgreSQL for ages without issue.

So I upgraded to 1.8, and now even though the log shows it’s starting, no data is being added:

openhab.log:2016-01-20 20:15:57.825 [INFO ] [c.internal.ModelRepositoryImpl] - Loading model 'jpa.persist’
openhab.log:2016-01-20 20:16:03.750 [INFO ] [.jpa.internal.JpaConfiguration] - syncmappings was not specified!

No data arrives in the database.

Irritatingly the jpa persistence module stated the actual driver has been removed, together with a (non-working) change to add a /lib directory into the classpath. I’ve added the driver into the classpath, doesn’t seem to make a difference.

The JPA docs make the bold claim that ‘database drivers are delivered as OSGI bundles’ - which I doubt completely as I’ve never seen a JDBC driver shipped that way. The docs for the JDBC driver contradictorially state you can simply drop the JDBC driver into ‘addons’.

Well, I’ve got it there too, doesn’t seem to make a difference. This all now seems to be terribly confusing and broken.

Is there some magic to getting pgsql working again?

It seems the PostgreSQL drivers version you were trying didn’t behave correctly as addon.

See closed ticket for reference.