JSON editing

I’m trying to change a couple of parameters on my AEON Home Energy Monitor to increase the frequency of readings. I first tried Paper UI, but there seems to be a known problem and I could not find a thread with a solution. Some folks reported that HABmin was able to change Z-wave device parameters, so I added HABmin from Paper UI, but all I get is the start-up screen with nothing being clickable, so I gave up on that (although I also need help on this, since I eventually want to display a chart). Next I tried using the Smart Home designer on my Samba shares in Windows, but I do not have write access and don’t know how to convince Windows I’m the Unix Open HAB user that does have the write permissions. Lastly I used Putty to get to the file and edit it three ways. First I edited it with the service running and then stopped and restarted Openhab2. My edited file was two versions back in the Jsondb-Backup directory and the original file was back in use. Next I edited it after I stopped the service, but when I restarted my changes were in the Backup directory and the original file was again back in use. Lastly I edited the file with the service running, but did not stop and restart. My file is in the right directory, but is not being used because apparently the file is only used at startup. However, it seems openhab2 keeps restoring the original file on restart. I’m out of options

Of the litany of problems, I may have solved the one about editing the openHAB files using Samba in windows. I originally did not create the openhab user, but mapped the drives in Windows. Later after I created the user, the editing stopped. I believe I need to unmap the drives and re-sign in with the habopen pswd. Still have the other problems tho

So I’m a week+ smarter and can close the loop with some advice. First don’t even think about trying to change Thing parameters in the JSON file. Second I was able to change the parameters in the XML file in the Zwave folder so that they appeared as changed on the PaperUI, but they weren’t picked up the z-wave controller, so don’t do that either. The solution for me was provided by a very helpful Aeotec engineer. I downloaded, unzipped and ran their Zensus tool. The steps are briefly; plug the Zstick into a PC, use settings to find the COM port, navigate to the HEM node and use the SET_configuration. Plugged it back into the Pi, restarted openHAB and everything worked.