JSON path

is there a way to get the JSON path of an channel or item? I would like to correct (multiply *0.975) the value of a thermometer but I can’t find the path in OH3 paperUI.
It should be something like $.device.status.temperature


No, that’s not the way openHAB works.

JSONPATH is to catch an information out of a JSON Object. You can’t do math within a JSONPATH Expression. And as the Item gets information, I doubt that there is any JSON Object to extract from.

Please be aware that the picture is from MainUI, PaperUI is openHAB2 only.

Have a look to the Javascript transformation. This may do what you want.

Thanks for adding this, I was distracted and got confused… instead of adding this part of information, just sent the posting… :man_facepalming:

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Thank you very much for your replies.
Solved with a spreadshet and Map transformation service! Testing the javascript solution too.