JSONPATH stop working on OH 3.2

Hi , suddenly JSONPATH look like won’t working,(before it work correctly)

val String test = '[{ "device": { "location": "Outside", "status": { "temperature": 23.2 }}}]'
val newValue = transform("JSONPATH", "$.device.location", test)
logInfo("test ", "test - " + newValue)

normaly this expression return “Outside”
in my case it return

test - [{ "device": { "location": "Outside", "status": { "temperature": 23.2 }}}]

the full string like JSONPATH won’t work
i try to restart openhab et reinstall JSONPATH but nothing help

have you a idea of how to clean reset or test JSONPATH ?

Shouldn’t it be


as the outer part is an array ?


@isoparme make sure you use the tester at https://jsonpath.herokuapp.com/ as suggested in the documentation to test your expressions. JSONPATH never failed - the expression is invalid against that string, so openHAB returns the entire JSON string instead.

thanks my json (in reality this is a [dictionnary] python ) is correct , so i uninstall and re-install again jsonpath , and now my rule run correct again , really wierd … but that again for your help :slight_smile: