JSONPath Transformation with Kaiterra Laser Egg

  • Hardware: Raspberry Pi 3 model B

  • OS: Raspbian 10 Buster

  • Java Runtime Environment: openjdk version “1.8.0_252”
    OpenJDK Runtime Environment (Zulu (build 1.8.0_252-b225)
    OpenJDK Client VM (Zulu (build 25.252-b225, mixed mode, Evaluation)

  • openHAB version: 2.5.2

Add-ons installed:

  • JSONPath Transformation
  • HTTP binding
  • RegEx Transformation

Hi everyone,

I have a Kaiterra Laser Egg 2 and I would like to extract certain data such as the pm2.5 and temperature.
I have registered my device UUID and have received my API key from the Kaiterra developer dashboard.

When I run this command from the OpenHAB console:

$ curl -v "https://api.kaiterra.cn/v1/lasereggs/1234abcd567-12ab34-12ab34-1234adcd567?key=API-KEY"

I receive the following response:


So far, so good.

Reading over the forums as a guide, this is the configuration so far…




String lasereggID     "Laser Egg ID [%s]"      { http="<[laseregg:60000:JSONPATH($.id)]" }
Number lasereggPm25   "Laser Egg pm2.5 [%.1f]"  { http="<[laseregg:60000:JSONPATH($.[{info.aqi}].data.pm25)]" }


Text item=lasereggID    // used this to test if the UUID of the deivce is returned - yes it works
Text item=lasereggPm25 

The lasereggID text item on the .sitemap returns the correct UUID of the device, so this tells me that http.cfg is pulling the data. However, I receive this error for the pm25 data:

2020-06-23 21:54:15.603 [WARN ] [ab.binding.http.internal.HttpBinding] - Transformation 'JSONPATH($.[{info.aqi}].data.pm25)' threw an exception. [response={"id":"1234abcd567-12ab34-12ab34-1234adcd567","info.aqi":{"ts":"2020-06-23T13:53:40Z","data":{"humidity":78.78,"pm10":3,"pm25":3,"temp":24.75}}}]
org.openhab.core.transform.TransformationException: An error occurred while transforming JSON expression.
	at org.openhab.core.transform.TransformationHelper$TransformationServiceDelegate.transform(TransformationHelper.java:71) ~[bundleFile:?]
	at org.openhab.binding.http.internal.HttpBinding.execute(HttpBinding.java:218) [bundleFile:?]
	at org.openhab.core.binding.AbstractActiveBinding$BindingActiveService.execute(AbstractActiveBinding.java:146) [bundleFile:?]
	at org.openhab.core.service.AbstractActiveService$RefreshThread.run(AbstractActiveService.java:169) [bundleFile:?]

And this is where I am stuck. I have tried to create a .rules that would change the extracted data for pm25 and display it in my .sitemap but all my attempts have failed. I have been starting at my monitor for two days and reading and re-reading the forums to try to figure out what the problem could be. I don’t have the .rules code I tried as I have tried so many iterations I’ve lost count. The closest I have come is a post on the German version of the OpenHAB forums, but no further ( I had to use Google Translate as I don’t read/speak German).

I am sure there is a simple explanation here and I’m hoping that a fresh pair of eyes and someone with more experience will be able to point out the problem. In a nutshell:

  1. Is this the most efficient configuration?
  2. If so, do you have any advice on what the correct transformation would be?
  3. If not, suggestions are welcome!

Thanks for your time,

Not sure what all the brackets are about in your JSONPATH. Here is a recent similar thread

Your expression looks bad due to the period in info.api… and all the brackets. Try using the bracket notation…


Thank you @rossko57 and @5iver for your replies.

The problem was the brackets facepalm. From a few other threads I had looked at others had used

["info.aqi"]   OR  [(info.aqi)]   OR   [{info.aqi}]

I hadn’t tried the single quotes ’ ’ yet.
So I don’t know how they got theirs working. Thanks very much - I thought it would be something trivial - I appreciate your time and suggestions.

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