Juicenet - Can't command charging from openhab

Hey, so I’m trying to use the (new?) juicenet binding and while it seems to query the data just fine, I can’t seem to control the charger with it.

Has anyone used this binding? Is there some trick?

Specifically, I’m trying to do both of these commands:


And it seems like they do update the state, but then it’s reset on the next poll of the device, and neither results in the charger dropping out of smart charge mode and charging.

My end goal is I want to calculate, via script, a charge start time and command that, either by updating the target time or the charging state, but neither seems to work.

I don’t have or use this binding. Try

juiceEVSE_Charging_State.sendCommand("Start Charging")

Nope, that’s not it, tried that, no change. The docs say “Start Charging” “Smart Charging” etc, but the actual values are “start/stop/smart”

I’m messing with it a bit, and actually now I think it is going, but not dropping out of smart charging (if it’s at stop and I send start, then it goes to smart)