Jumping Page in ClassicUI

Hi there

while using the ClassicUI in Chrome all pages are “jumping”. As soon as I scroll down a page after some seconds (between 1 and 12) it jumps back to the top. This occurs on every page, regardless of the content.

I tried to deactivate NTP, but this didn’t solve my problem.

Any ideas?

Discussed here:

Thank you @guessed
Long story short: no solution available :frowning:

Follow up question: I already tried GreenT but this doesn’t work for me.

Which UI alternatives under Windows do I have instead of using ClassicUI?
Are there other UI’s available if I would use OH2?


what exactly didn’t work? Which browser did you use?

There is also issue for this:

Browser: Chrome (most current version) on Windows 7, x64

GreenT can be accessed but clicking a button has no result while clicking the same button in ClassicUI has the desired result.

Clicking a button from an item has the desired result.
Clicing on a group (marked with the righ-side arrow) has no result.

—edit 2—

  • tested on iOS --> groups can be accessed
  • sliders are rendered, command is visible in EventBus but KNX doesn’t act accordingly (while clicking buttons in ClassicUI are sending same command and KNX is acting)

yes, the BasicUI. However this implementation merely switched to another CSS lib but the underlying refresh mechanism do rely on the “old” mechanisms (Atmosphere) and there is no change to existing Sitemap concept yet.

You should use older Chrome version (try portable version 39.0.2171.65)

Then use it for openhab only. (Kiosk mode, fixed window size)

New Chrome broke some compatibility. Should be small fix in GreenT to make it work but I do not have the skills at that level.