JUNG eNet blinds control

Dear all,
i do have a wireless blinds control wall-switch in my house.
Its a JUNG FM 4001 m: eNet Funk-Wandsender-Modul, 1fach F40 | FM 4001 M
I googled and its running with eNet communication at 868 MHz.
My other blinds controller are using SOMFY RTS communication with 433 MHz, i will build up a Arduino emulator with CC1101 module to control the SOMFY blinds: GitHub - Legion2/Somfy_Remote_Lib: Emulate a Somfy remote using a 433.42 MHz transmitter.

Is there a way to control the JUNG blinds with OpenHab? I dont have a eNet server or something like this (the seem to be pretty expensive). Maybe a similar solution to the SOMFY RTS blinds? I googled for a while but didnt find anything :frowning:
Worst case i have to solder a arduino directly to the blinds controller switchs.

Thank you and best regards