Just curious: openHAB only 15 hours per day online?

I just played around a bit with my FritzBox router and now it’s sending me the “online time” for each and every device in the network, which is quite neat.
What makes me wonder though, my Webcam is online nearly 24h, but openHAB2.5 is only online for 15h?
I don’t see anything special in the logs or any faulty behaviour, just curious as to why OH2 is offline for 7hours? (and yes, this goes on every day since I told my router to send me the stats)

I’m curious on how you did that.

As to your question, IMHO “online” is meant as in actually sending/receiving something from outside the local net. The webcam might send to a cloud constantly, while openHAB would do such only if a binding would do such. Depending how that binding is using it’s related device the online time might be logged to the device.

I guess, you won’t have problems with german:

As I don’t know how to set the language to english in my FritzBox: for the others, it’s located under “system” - “Push Services”, where you can activate regularly information sent to you via push-Email.

That’s the curious thing. The Webcam shouldn’t contact a cloud whatsoever, it’s just a local IP-Camera (no cloud activated), I use the API to get an image every 15mins and upload it to my google cloud.
But yeah - I don’t know, what FritzOS means “online” is. I thought, it is how long the connection between the devices and the FritzBox is active, but :man_shrugging:

Ups, I am using that exactly PushService, however the necessary click has to be done in the configuration of that service (pencil icon). I overlooked that one!

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