Just Sharing What I Have Done So Far

This mite help some else

Have setup a Kodi Juke box

In my .thing file i have

kodi:kodi:JukeBox [ipAddress="", port="9090"]
network:device:ipjukebox [ hostname="", port=0, retry=1, timeout=5000, refresh_interval=60000, use_system_ping="false", dhcplisten="true" ]

in my .Items

Switch JukeBox_mute          "Mute"                  		{ channel="kodi:kodi:JukeBox:mute" }
Dimmer JukeBox_volume        "Volume [%d]"    <soundvolume>      { channel="kodi:kodi:JukeBox:volume" }
Player JukeBox_control       "Control"               { channel="kodi:kodi:JukeBox:control" }
Switch JukeBox_stop          "Stop"                  { channel="kodi:kodi:JukeBox:stop" }
String JukeBox_title         "Title [%s]"            { channel="kodi:kodi:JukeBox:title" }
String JukeBox_showtitle     "Show title [%s]"       { channel="kodi:kodi:JukeBox:showtitle" }
String JukeBox_album         "Album [%s]"            { channel="kodi:kodi:JukeBox:album" }
String JukeBox_artist        "Artist [%s]"           { channel="kodi:kodi:JukeBox:artist" }
String JukeBox_playuri       "PlayerURI"             { channel="kodi:kodi:JukeBox:playuri" }
String JukeBox_pvropentv     "PVR TV channel"        { channel="kodi:kodi:JukeBox:pvr-open-tv" }
String JukeBox_pvropenradio  "PVR Radio channel"     { channel="kodi:kodi:JukeBox:pvr-open-radio" }
String JukeBox_pvrchannel    "PVR channel [%s]"      { channel="kodi:kodi:JukeBox:pvr-channel" }
String JukeBox_notification  "Notification"          { channel="kodi:kodi:JukeBox:shownotification" }
String JukeBox_input         "Input"                 { channel="kodi:kodi:JukeBox:input" }
String JukeBox_inputtext     "Inputtext"             { channel="kodi:kodi:JukeBox:inputtext" }
String JukeBox_systemcommand "Systemcommand"         { channel="kodi:kodi:JukeBox:systemcommand" }
String JukeBox_mediatype     "Mediatype [%s]"        { channel="kodi:kodi:JukeBox:mediatype" }

Now in the .sitemap I have

I wanted to only show the Frame If the juke is ON

Frame label="Juke Box" visibility=[IP_Juke_Box==ON]
          		//Text item=IP_Juke_Box label="Device [%s]"
				//Switch    item=JukeBox_mute
        		Slider    item=JukeBox_volume
        		Selection item=JukeBox_control mappings=[PLAY='Play', PAUSE='Pause', NEXT='Next', PREVIOUS='Previous', FASTFORWARD='Fastforward', REWIND='Rewind']
        		//Switch    item=JukeBox_stop
        		Text      item=JukeBox_title
        		//Text      item=JukeBox_showtitle
        		//Text      item=JukeBox_album
        		Text      item=JukeBox_artist
        		//Selection item=JukeBox_input mappings=[Up='Up', Down='Down', Left='Left', Right='Right', Select='Select', Back='Back', Home='Home', ContextMenu='ContextMenu', Info='Info', ShowCodec='ShowCodec', ShowOSD='ShowOSD']
		        //Selection item=JukeBox_systemcommand mappings=[Shutdown='Herunterfahren', Suspend='Bereitschaft', Reboot='Neustart']
        		Text      item=JukeBox_mediatype

Hope this help someone


Where is the item definition for IP_Juke_Box ?

Sorry In the .item have a switch

Switch IP_Juke_Box   "Juke Box"   (Status, Network)  { channel="network:device:ipjukebox:online" }

Dont know if im doing it right but it works.

Im still winging it LOL