Just want to play a sound with Amazon Dot

Hi all,

I expected to be able to use a dot as a output device for for certain events using either an alarm sound or TTS, but that doesn’t appear to be supported with the channels I’m seeing. I had done what I need to do with an Echo, but need the smaller form factor of the dot. What am I missing?

Using 2.4 release.

Right there to the right of ‘Channels’ should be a button ‘Show more’
click and about a dozen more channels show up. One is called ‘Speak’. It is a text item channel. Link an item to it, write a rule, send it a string. Test with console.or REST api

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Thanks - figured I was missing something dumb. I thought I had clicked it and thought it only showed the items linked to channels as I expected it at the bottom of the channels list…