Jython on Docker Openhab

Hi all

I currently try to switch from „installed“ Openhab to the Docker version. The system itself is up and running, including things and items. Now I‘m trying to migrate my jython rules. So I installed the binding but the rules won‘t work. With the installed version there was a jsr… directory created which contains 3 subdirectories: core, community and personal. But now, only the jsr directory is created and empty, so I get errors that core libraries are missing.

So my question is: Where are they and why are they not at the same place where they were in the installed version? What is the difference? May I just copy them from my installed version (which I did, but doesn‘t work)? What else am I missing?

I‘m quite sure there is a very simple solution, but I currently can‘t find it. Is there anybody out there to give me the right direction?

I use OH3.3.


Hi again

It seems that I had installed the Helper Rules (Helper Libraries for openHAB Scripted Automation — openHAB Helper Libraries documentation).

I will try this tomorrow, but it looks interesting.


They are not part of the add-on. You have to download and “install” them manually, as you’ve found. Previously you must have done so and forgotten.

Actually that should have worked. But some things take a restart of OH to pick up changes in config files. Especially if your rules didn’t even come up because the helper library wasn’t there.

Hi Rich

Thank you for your answer.
You are right, I really forgot that I’ve installed the helper library some years ago. I will update my documention :slight_smile:

As for the copy: I’ve forgotten one directory. Now everything works fine and I can start to update the system (moved to a new home recently)


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