Karaf console: remove password and timeout?

Troubleshooting OH with the console timeout is simply horrible.
I checking values and their state for the last three days, and cannot remember how many times I logged inot the console.

Is there a way to remove the password and timeout?

Unfortunately I do not get this post:

… or understand where the file file is located.

Why don’t you use the REST api?

Sorry, can you be more specific, please?

When I enter http://openhab:8080/rest/swagger.json on my system is says: site cannot be reached.

Replacing it with my OH IP:

{"error":{"message":"HTTP 404 Not Found","http-code":404,"exception":{"class":"javax.ws.rs.NotFoundException","message":"HTTP 404 Not Found","localized-message":"HTTP 404 Not Found"}}}

When I leave out swagger.json:


There is documentation on the REST API for OHv2.

Now what? :slight_smile:

Install the add-on / Misc / REST docs

The REST API should appear in your dashboard:

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What is this blackmagic you’re playing with and have other tiles li pi hole?

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I think you can get access without password, by copying your ssh id key to karaf. Then every time you log in, ssh will provide authentication via the shared keys.
Google “ssh copy id” and you should find some tutorials. Also on the Raspberry Pi page itself they describe this.

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I found a setting in putty which helps with the idle timeout issue -

Go to the connection properties in putty and set a keepalive value. 10 seems to work for me.

On a recent snapshot this does not work.

I uninstalled and reinstalled REST documentation and apart from a ton of NPE when installing the REST documentation, I still get “Can’t read swagger JSON from XXX”.

This appears to be a bug. I’ve filed an issue at https://github.com/openhab/openhab-webui/issues/86 though it might be moved to openhab-core.