Karaf error message-Please help

Iv’e been having hell with my initial install. Done the steps in the guide step by step and got to the point where I receive the error message

Launching the OpenHAB runtime…
karaf.bat: KARAF_ETC is not valid: C:\OpenHab2\userdata\etc

I’ve googled and googled and searched the community I’m at my wits end with this

Please help

Running windows 10 pro. Have installed Java and done the Java_Home. 32 bit

What version? OpenHAB 2 requires Java 8.

Installed jdk1.8.0_271 and jre1.8.0_271

So what files are in C:\OpenHab2\userdata\etc?

An empty folder labled tmp

i deleted everthing and redownloaded after running start.bat i get the message

running karaf on a java hotspot client VM because server mode is not available

install java developer kit to fix this

Point JAVA_HOME at the jdk, not the jre.

Just deleted everything and reinstalled. Apparently I aimed it at the JRE and not the JDK by mistake
Thanks so much for the help

Now on to get the weather to work hahaha

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