Karaf output stops

I run openHAB on a RPI3 and try to access Karaf from a windows client. I use win10 openSSH.

When i try to configure VSCode to show the karaf console, to get a permanent single setup and a as less as possible to type solution. I use following command

"openhab.karafCommand": "ssh pi@%openhabhost% openhab-cli console -p habopen 'log:tail'",

Somehow the 'log:tail' part makes the output to stop after some lines.
When i use it in the command line, cygwin bash or power shell the behaviour is the same.

When i omit the 'log:tail' and do following it works fine. But then i have to type it 'log:tail' which i try to get rid of.

ssh pi@%openhabhost% openhab-cli console -p habopen

@Kai would you know where to put an issue? And who would know what could cause this.

Additional VSCode seems to strip off the escape sequences! Anyone an idead why?

To narrow it down it happens as soon as the karaf console gets the authentification.

[INFO ] [.server.session.ServerUserAuthService] - Session openhab@/ authenticated

There was an issue with linefeeds on Karaf output that got fixed recently. Dunno if that’s your problem but I suggest you move to M6 milestone to see if that helps.