Kasa HS200 working with Alexa without openHAB cloud?

Just ordered a Kasa HS200 Smart Switch to replace a dead Insteon switch.

My now defunct Insteon switch was automatically turned on and off via openhab pre-sunset and post-sunrise furthermore I was able to control it via Alexa thru the use of the Hue emulation and I do not use openHAB cloud due to internet reliability.

I would like to do that with the Kasa switch. Any advice or instructions?

Alexa is just as network dependent as openhab cloud.

Not helpful.

Furthermore the less I have running on some remote server the more reliable my local devices are.

If openHAB was sending ON/OFF commands to your Insteon switch, then it can send the same to your Kasa switch. Just add the Kasa via the TP-Link binding, then do one of the following:

  • Make an item for the Kasa switch and substitute that item into any rules where you called the dead Insteon switch.
  • Edit the existing item for the dead Insteon switch to connect it to the Kasa thing. This way, you don’t have to edit any rules.

Your post wasn’t really clear, all I was pointing out was that any use of alexa is cloud dependent, so why exclude the openhab cloud service if you want to use alexa?

There is a binding specifically for the kasa/tp-link switches and other devices. It is a direct api call, not cloud dependent, and works like a charm. No cloud required.

Thanks. Got it working. Renamed to dead switch and then added the Kasa. Then named it the dead switch old name.

I’m alway a little reluctant to make changes to my openHAB setup and live by the “if it ain’t broken” mantra.

You are correct. Please forgive the rambling.

My question is can I use HUE emulation to add the Kasa Switch to Alexa?

I have following two files insteon.items and tp-link.items

Within tp-link.items I have the following.

Switch garagedoorlight “Garage Door Light” [ “Switchable” ] { channel=“tplinksmarthome:hs200:xxxxxx:switch” }

The Kasa switch that replaced the dead Insteon is being controlled by Alexa because I gave it the same name and made no changes with Alexa locating new smart devices.

You can add the HUE ["Switchable"] tag to any openHAB item that has ON and OFF states.

Alexa ← → HUE ← → openHAB ← → Insteon/Kasa/whatever

openHAB is pretending to be a HUE hub and pretending that your ["Switchable"] device is a HUE device. It never communicates anything more to HUE.

Russ, thanks for that info.

It’s been a long time since I had Alexa discover my new devices and I’m not looking to create more trouble for myself. I don’t remember if it adds things wholesale or allow you to pick what you want to add to Alexa when you put things into discovery mode.

I am wondering if the HUE emulation and/or Alexa will freakout break when I try to discover new devices now that my switch named Garage Door Light in no longer an Insteon device but a tp-link device and using different means of communication.

I don’t use Alexa, but it’s only going to see the items that you tag as HUE devices. If you remove the item (or even just the tag), I would assume that the item will disappear when you sync Alexa with HUE. That’s what happens with Google Assistant.

Whatever the case, it shouldn’t be difficult to add/remove a single item from Alexa. People do that all of the time.

Again, HUE and Alexa don’t have any idea about Insteon or TP-Link, because openHAB is telling them that:

  1. openHAB is a HUE hub (via HUE emulation)
  2. The devices you’ve tagged are HUE devices

openHAB doesn’t pass on any more information than, “you can tell this device to turn on and off”.