KEBA Binding does not update current value on wallbox with openHAB 4.0.1

Hello everyone

We migrated from openHAB 3.4.5 to 4.0.1. Our openHAB instance runs on a Raspberry PI, installed with openhabian. Before the migration, openHAB was able to update the current of our KEBA wallbox so we we were able to load surplus solar power into our EV. Since the upgrade, openHAB does no longer update the currend on our wallbox, it only reads the values. Therefore our solar rules do not work anymore.

Is there something we have to change in the configuration to get it working again? Sorry if we missed something when upgrading. Any help is highly appreciated :slight_smile: Please also let me know if I missed to post some information as I’m no regular in this community :slight_smile:

Best regards, Richie