KEBA Binding Restart after connection-error

I´m using KEBA Binding 2.5.0 with Openhabian 2.5.2-1 on a Raspberry.
As my Wlan-Repeater have troubles to hold connection to my FritzBox, the Keba-thing shows connection-error and does not work anymore. I need to disable and enable the thing to bring it to work again.
Is there any way to restart the thing automatically after loosing kontakt - and shouldn´t it be normal, that the binding tries to connect again after loosing kontak?

Got a solution by using rules:

rule “Refresh_Connection”
Thing “keba:kecontact:095e5da8” changed or System started
var Tstatus = getThingStatusInfo(“keba:kecontact:095e5da8”).getStatus()
if (Tstatus.toString == “OFFLINE”)
createTimer(now.plusSeconds(10), [ |
sendHttpPutRequest(“”, “application/json”, ‘false’)])
createTimer(now.plusSeconds(30), [ |
sendHttpPutRequest(“”, “application/json”, ‘true’)])


Thanks to all helpers

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