Keba Set Energy Limit doesn't work

Hi Folks,
i want to set up the charging limit of my Keby P30 c-series (firmware 3.10.27) and my openHab (openhabian 3.1.0.M4). I activate the DIP Switch 1.3 on the wallbox. After that, i’m able to read out the parameters. I tryed to set the energylimit:


Here is my items-File

Number KE_KebaSetEnergyLimit        <heating>       (OU_Garage)     {channel="keba:kecontact:1:setenergylimit"}
String KE_Display                   <text>          (OU_Garage)     {channel="keba:kecontact:1:display"}

I want to reduce the charging to 2KW/h. Nothing happens! After a short while (few secods) the new value 0.0 is returned by the charging station:

The displaytext appears on the wallbox, but the charging will not be reduced. I try to cancel the charging with the enabled-switch. It works fine and immediately. After turn OFF the switch, the charging station ends the session and the blue lights appear at the wallbox.

Any ideas?

King regards


The binding documentation indicates you should use Number:Energy not Number. Perhaps the documentation is correct.

I’ve changed it to…

Number:Energy KE_KebaSetEnergyLimit "Set charge energy limit [%.1f Wh]"       <heating>       (OU_Garage)     {channel="keba:kecontact:1:setenergylimit"}

same result

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