Keeping a counter for downloaded addons

What’s the harm in keeping a counter of the number of times each add-on gets downloaded? The counter is kept on the server side. Perhaps the IP address is used to simply deduplicate the count coming from the same ip, but not for coming up with the final total number.

That would give us an idea of which add-ons are popular and which never got even one download.

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The main distro addons (all 459 of them) are supplied in a single kar file.

Is it included in the openhab main distro or does it get downloaded the first time it’s needed? I wonder why installing bindings takes so long / very slow.

And this information could be used to drive a list of the most popular bindings similar to the Featured list:

That’s one option, but you need to explicitely install the openhab-addons package and have the flag using remote repository switched off (in the UI, or addon.cfg):

I know there have been a lot of objections in the past about tracking anything, but I still would vote for an anonymized addon download count.

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Does this mean that the default is that packages are installed individually and from remote source, which means we can have our counter already now?

It’s no different to site statistics by analysing server’s access logs. @digitaldan ?

That’s indeed my understanding.

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