If in HABmin /configuration / things I click on a thing the second field has a label called : %%KEY_NOT_FOUND%%
looks like a translation cannot be found

This should be fixed - what version are you using?

the lasted via OpenHABian image
openHAB 2.0.0-1 (Release Build)

So are you using the snapshot branch or the OH2 release?

I downloaded the latest sd image via http://docs.openhab.org/installation/rasppi.html

From what I can tell, both the stable and beta are linked from this page - can you say what version you are actually using?


to be exact :slight_smile:

Thanks. You are using an old version then :wink:

can you redirect me to the right one ? where did i go wrong ?

Hmm, strange: I’m using #771, HABmin version 2.0.0, 2017-01-29T23:04:19 and still have the key not found problem:

I’m not sure for RPi - clearly this is old as it’s from the middle of December and it’s now February, so 2 months old. The changes I linked to above are from a week or so ago and we can’t retro these changes back into old versions (including the released OH2 version).


Strange indeed. I just checked the source on GH and the right information seems to be in the file. I’ll check again tonight but it’s working for me on my local built system.

i’m going to install OH2 manually. perhaps it’s the best way :wink:

I have a manual install, but the same error … :grin:

I’m not sure actually how HABmin is built - from the check below, the files all look consistent in that it says thing.ThingTypeDescription which was the previous issue (it said habmin…).

I wouldn’t care too much … there are more important things to adress than some display issues :slight_smile:

found a menuitem in openhabian-config (within openhabian) to update OpenHAB2
However, on the website i see a menu item “download and install the latest snapshot”
\Doed anyone know how to äctivate" this menuitem ?

found the right way to update a stable version to snapshot :slight_smile: :slight_smile: my question has been awnsered.

Please share how you updated! :slight_smile: