Keypad for garage door?

Are there keypads that send a set of key presses that don’t cost $100 or more?

My use case is a key pad beside my garage door.
An arbitrary can enter an arbitrary code which i handle in OH.

This home automation stuff gets stupid complicated stupid fast.

What you at looking for
a wired or wireless (wifi, 366Mhz, z-wave …) version
one key, up/stop/down or a numeric keybad?

Wired or RF?

Here’s a wired one for 10 dollars. It has a switch output but probably isn’t very secure as someone could remove the keypad, join the wires together and send the ‘open’ signal to openHAB.
An RF one that sent a coded signal would probably be more secure - unless someone read the signal and cloned it!

So… I’ve been thinking (boy did that hurt)

I bought 2 “universal garage door remote keypads” about 3 years ago. Has a keypad and dip switches to set to match the garage door remote.

Might that be used?

I’m guessing that it is a 433mhz device. I’m getting a 433mhz rf bridge device from

I have 2 (accidentally bought a second when I thought the first was busted… but it was a dead battery instead)

Could this work?
It ain’t “secure”, but then again… neither is my “locked garage door”. It’s a really old garage door opener that works fine and I’m a renter, not the homeowner and the “garage” is more of a car port.

I could have the keypad/rf bridge send a message to OH and then setup my own rules?