KFOB-C Remote-Control manual zwave configuration

Hello All

I try to get the KFOB-C Remote-Control wo work with my OH2.
I installed the 2.3.0 z-Wave Binding, so i can use the Manual Configuration.

I use the Aeon Labs USB Stick G5 on my OH2
I can use the TZ67 Wall Plug Dimmer (From paper UI oder Sitemap) withour any problem.
But the Switch drives me crazy.

How can i config that if i push the button 1-4 as a normal switch so i can include the Item into rules and stuff.
When i open the PaperUI there are a lot of Config Parameters i have no clue about.
And when i make any changes i only get the Logfile enty:

17:30:20.135 [INFO ] [est.core.internal.thing.ThingResource] - Received HTTP PUT request for update configuration at ‘things/zwave:popp_009204_00_000:zStickController:node3/config’ for an unmanaged thing ‘zwave:popp_009204_00_000:zStickController:node3’.

My things file looks like this:

Bridge zwave:serial_zstick:zStickController "Z-Wave Serial Controller" [
        Thing tkb_tz67_00_000       node2	"TZ67 Wall Plug Dimmer"	(zwave:serial_zstick:zStickController)	@ "Wohnzimmer"	[ node_id=2]
        Thing popp_009204_00_000    node3	"KFOB-C Remote-Control"	(zwave:serial_zstick:zStickController)	@ "Wohnzimmer"	[ node_id=3]

Any help somehow?

You cannot configure parameters via PaperUI if your device thing is configured via text files.
You have to either use PaperUI for both or text files for both …


And how do i configure the parameters?
What are the correct items konfig for all the parameters?
Are they Documented somewhere?

There are only a few examples here in the forum because most zwave users are using HABmin for thing configuration. You can still use manual items config, though.

You can’t today configure most parameters via text files, however it is being worked on.

So for now its better to not use the manual thing config?
Stay in UI Config (which i realy don’t like) and check now an then back to manual config?

Question: Why do you want to use manual thing configuration?

Yes - I think this is best. Really the system isn’t very usable with text file configuration at the moment due to the configuration limitation.

Iam an IT Engineer. So everything Manual is better then GUI.
Backup/Recovery as the most important reason.

Thanks Chris.
What is you oppinion, should i change back to z-wave binding 2.2.0, or shall i stay on 2.3.0?

Thanks in advance.


If you are just starting your setup you should change to the development version of the binding.
There are some breaking changes and those will soon be merged into the next stable, so the pain will be less :grinning:

Sticking to the stable is not a good option because you will never have support for newer devices.

And frankly the amount of work to setup say thermostats in the GUI is much more than text files.